National Energy Centre

The National Energy Foundation is on the site of the National Energy Centre in Milton Keynes. The centre was established in 1990, with the support of the Commission for the New Towns. It was built on the non-residential part of the town's ground-breaking Energy Park, as a focal point for the efficient use of energy and the development of small-scale renewable energy sources in the United Kingdom.

The National Energy Centre

The centre is a two-acre (0.81-hectare) site consisting of two buildings (Phase 1 and Phase 2). It's adjacent to the main London-Birmingham railway line and the A5 trunk road.

The National Energy Centre: Phase 1 - June 1990

The National Energy Foundation was origianlly in the Phase 1 building but it now houses National Energy Services Ltd, SAVA and the NHER. It was designed to be an exemplar showing that high energy efficiency can be designed as an integral part of a building without involving additional costs. This was achieved by a careful combination of orientation, window design, high insulation levels and high thermal mass. 

The National Energy Centre: Phase 2 - February 2004

The Phase 2 building is the offices of the National Energy Foundation. It demonstrates energy efficiency in a lower mass, timber-framed building. Its features include: a ground source heat pump feeding underfloor heating, solar water heating, high insulation levels and solar PV panels.