iAIM – Portfolio Performance Made Simple

iAIM – Portfolio Performance Made Simple

iAIM enables social housing providers to better understand their assets' performance, target investment and strategically improve their portfolios.

An integrated approach to asset information management (iAIM) for social landlords

"iAIM enables the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust to: refine our disposals register; prioritise social, economic and environmental value; measure the impact of our investment works; and replace our social value statement with social value outputs from the tool.”

Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

Research we undertook with the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust identified the ever-growing challenge for registered providers to evaluate their portfolios and demonstrate performance against internal strategic objectives and VFM (value-for-money) commitments. Performance across a portfolio is often difficult to quantify due to: stored data no longer being fit-for-purpose; the scope of in-use tools being misaligned with KPIs; and limited resource budgets that prohibit expensive whole-stock assessments.

Aware of this, we developed iAIM, to make portfolio performance and investment targeting simple.

Starting with an innovative minimum data set of 30 items per asset, iAIM analyses the financial, environmental and social performance of the whole stock.

Additionally, it goes even further by identifying performance against the P3 Index: People, Property and Place, thereby putting the asset management data in its geographical and social context.

The iAIM baseline tool visualises holistic portfolio performance, in line with strategic objectives and, as a result, its metrics and indices allow strategic decisions to be underpinned by robust data and financial, social and environmental investment priorities to be set.

Having successfully piloted iAIM on the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust portfolio, we are looking for additional social housing providers, who are keen to gain additional insight on their portfolio performance and unlock the benefits of iAIM to their organisation, by undertaking a full iAIM stock analysis.

This iAIM portfolio performance analysis sits within our wider suite of asset management services. For more information on our range of services and how they might benefit your organisation, please contact our experts.


Further information on iAIM

For more information, please check-out our short video, slide presentation or leaflet (see below). Alternatively, contact our experts to discuss how to get involved in the next generation of asset information management.