Green Deal

Green Deal

The Green Deal is a Government initiative which helps people make energy-saving improvements to their homes without having to pay all the costs up-front.

The Green Deal covers improvements that can lead to warmer homes and reduce energy bills over time:

  • Loft insulation.
  • Cavity-wall insulation.
  • Solid-wall insulation.
  • Heating systems (such as boilers).
  • Draught-proofing.
  • Renewable energy technologies (such as solar panels for electricity or heating water).

Green Deal begins with an assessment of your house - to see what you'd benefit most from. The next step is a low-interest loan to pay for the costs of any necessary work.

The Green Deal 'Golden Rule' is that payback of this loan should come from the savings you make as a result of the improvements. Full payback must be made within 25 years and the loan is attached to the electricity meter so it wouldn't need to be paid off if you sold your house. Repayments of the loan are collected by your electricity supplier.

The Government has produced a series of 'quick guide' leaflets about the Green Deal.