Workshop Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation

Our friendly and professional workshop facilitators can help you create the energy, engagement and commitment for successful and lasting outcomes - whether you're holding a one-hour meeting for six, or a whole day workshop for over 60.

Reducing your environmental impact involves changing what you do and how you do it. We can help your staff cope with change and engage them in finding solutions. We can facilitate planning sessions with senior management and give your staff useful tools and techniques to help them take an active part in your transformation to become a greener business.

Workshop facilitation service

  • Key knowledge areas. We have in-depth knowledge of: environmental management, energy and carbon management, fuel poverty and responding to the risks and opportunities that climate change presents.
  • Experience. Our experience is wide-ranging; we've worked with local authorities and their local partners, other public sector bodies and non-governmental organisations. Our facilitation services are now also available to business sector clients.
  • Support. We know how draining and uninspiring many meetings can be; how workshops often accomplish little because participants don't actively participate or feel uncomfortable about speaking out. We can help you create an environment which will bring out the collective experience and creativity of delegates. Our sessions enable people to voice their views, share ideas and develop them into something tangible, thereby providing the foundation for successful outcomes.

Ways our workshop facilitation can help you:

  • Engage your staff in developing and applying environmental good practice.
  • Develop a strategy for environmental management.
  • Engage stakeholders in strategy development and action planning.