E=0 (net-zero energy) is an EU-funded Interreg North-West Europe project to facilitate the implementation of low-carbon, energy and climate protection strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in North-West Europe. The project is based on the successful Energiesprong programme in the Netherlands,

E=0 is managed by Brede Stroomversnelling in the Netherlands; the National Energy Foundation is the UK partner leading on implementation in conjunction with Energiesprong UK. Two UK housing associations (Moat and Affinity Sutton) are being funded by the project to pilot E=0 solutions on ten properties each from their existing housing stock in London and Essex.

The project will support the development of 41 home make-overs to net-zero energy levels in France, the Netherlands, the UK and Luxembourg - with the aim of developing a market for up to 250,000 homes across North-West Europe ten years after the end of the project.

E=0 will address poor energy performance of residential buildings by generating a new mass market for net-zero energy retrofits across North-West Europe. Currently, retrofit measures are installed piecemeal and are not able to deliver whole-house energy savings supported by performance warranties. Refurbishment policies lack an integrated approach and suffer from compartmentalised funding.

The E=0 project is based on the successful Energiesprong programme in the Netherlands, delivering net-zero energy (E=0) retrofits with a minimum 30-year performance warranty.

Whole-house refurbishments are installed within one week with the capital cost met by the guaranteed energy savings. The retrofit greatly improves quality and comfort, facilitating wider urban renewal.

This approach is based on aggregating demand from the housing stock owners and letting them procure a performance-based product meeting the Energiesprong standard. This challenges industry and its supply chains to innovate.


To widen the opportunity for supply chain integration, the E=0 project will assist the retrofit market scale up to the North-West Europe region.

E=0 will boost this development of net-zero energy markets in France, the Netherlands, the UK and Luxembourg with a focus on:

  • Transnational cooperation, to share best practice in North-West Europe to widen the market and to accelerate deployment with the aim of 11,200 retrofits after five years and 250,000 after a further five years.
  • Setting up demonstrators (40 single family homes and one apartment block) and financing to learn how best to implement E=0 retrofits within existing planning and regulatory frameworks.
  • Activating solution providers (including SMEs and start-ups) to spur innovation by scaling into the North-West Europe market and achieve a 25% cost reduction on the pre-project retrofit price point in the Netherlands.

Further information is available on the E=0 website.