Energiesprong UK

Energiesprong UK

Originating in the Netherlands, Energiesprong is a revolutionary, fully-integrated, market-driven, zero-carbon and funding approach to delivering attractive ‘whole-house’ refurbishments with guaranteed net-zero energy performance.

Following a study tour to see Energiesprong in practice, a small, forward-thinking group of social housing providers, construction companies and building performance professionals were so impressed that they set up Energiesprong UK to explore whether the Dutch approach could be applicable in a UK context. The National Energy Foundation is one of the founding members of Energiesprong UK and hosts the group, providing secretariat services in the areas of finance, legal, IT, administration and communications.

The aim of Energiesprong UK is to stimulate a ‘game-changing’ housing refurbishment sector in the UK - inspired by the Dutch Energiesprong approach - and make net-zero energy housing a reality – at an industrial scale. Kick-started in the Netherlands, the programme has delivered over 800 net-zero energy refurbishments and has begun delivery against an agreement between housing associations and builders to refurbish 111,000 houses to net-zero energy levels, with scope for expansion to further housing types, private sector properties and new-builds.

We already know that there’s plenty of market potential in the UK. The English Housing Survey 2013 states that there are 9.2 million houses built between 1945 and 1980, and having an average EPC at low band D. Properties in this category are those most likely to benefit from Energiesprong solutions in its initial phase leading to full market scaling to different property types/age bands.

Energiesprong UK’s members include some of the county’s leading housing associations. They have a combined annual turnover of around £860 million and own and manage a total of 250,000 homes nationwide. Five construction and maintenance companies with a combined turnover of over £3bn are also founder members of Energiesprong UK.

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If you work in the areas of sustainable energy, energy in buildings or low carbon, and feel that your sector could benefit from greater support, please get in touch. We’d very much like to discuss ways in which we could work together to support you.

We can either take the lead in setting up a new body or provide support to an existing association. We can act as principal, so members have a direct relationship with us, or as an agent of a board or committee, delivering benefits against a service level agreement. We can manage the entire activity, or focus on a specialist field such as web communication or technical standards as you wish.

We like to be flexible and we’re always happy to work with you to develop the solution which best meets your needs.