Federation of Open Home Networks

Federation of Open Home Networks

The Federation of Open Home Networks is a single point of contact for groups representing over 1,000 homeowners inspiring others to green their homes. The Federation meets quarterly and liaises proactively with potential national sponsors, grant-givers and research partners.

We have supported green open home groups since 2007 when we first became involved in the delivery of SuperHomes. We were asked to provide secretariat services for the Federation of Open Home Networks in 2014. Our initial, pro-bono support helped the Federation to get established. We arranged a free venue for meetings and supported efforts which were successful in attracting seed funding from the Climate Change Collaboration and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The Federation aims to encourage as many people as possible to improve the energy efficiency of their existing homes. As a result, it works to source sustainable funding for groups whose members can directly demonstrate the benefits of eco-refurbishment. It also aims to bring together research that demonstrates the true value of this form of peer to peer inspiration and learning.

Long-term sources of funding will be required to enable open homes schemes to continue into the future. This represents a significant challenge. The Federation distributed a share of £7,500 from DECC to four member groups to support their open home events in September 2014. So far, the Federation has attracted two-year funding totalling £50,000 to support its aims.

For further information and details on joining, see the Federation of Open Home Networks website.

If you work in the areas of sustainable energy, energy in buildings or low carbon, and feel that your sector could benefit from greater support, please get in touch. We’d very much like to discuss ways in which we could work together to support you.

We can either take the lead in setting up a new body or provide support to an existing association. We can act as principal, so members have a direct relationship with us, or as an agent of a board or committee, delivering benefits against a service level agreement. We can manage the entire activity, or focus on a specialist field such as web communication or technical standards as you wish.

We like to be flexible and we’re always happy to work with you to develop the solution which best meets your needs.