REMI (Refurbishment as a Manufacturing Industry) is an Innovate UK-supported project, investigating the feasibility of an Energiesprong approach in the UK similar to that already implemented in the Netherlands. REMI is taking steps to kick-start the changes that are needed in the market, and the intention is to create the market conditions that will encourage and enable a new, high-volume, industrialised refurbishment sector.

REMI (Refurbishment as a Manufacturing Industry)

On behalf of Energiesprong UK, REMI is exploring whether the Dutch Energiesprong approach can be applicable in a UK context and how to kick-start the changes that are needed in the market. REMI is currently investigating:

  • Engaging with local and national Government on any regulation, planning and policy constraints, and any changes needed to alleviate them to help establish Energiesprong.
  • The development of a financial model to inform the business case for investment, which also includes a total cost of living assessment and various scenarios to test the implications of policy/funding changes.
  • Investigation and categorisation of UK housing archetypes and their suitability to Energiesprong solutions.
  • The creation of appropriate financing conditions – by encouraging funders to develop financial products and packages to support Energiesprong.
  • How to stimulate demand for net-zero-energy refurbishments – for example, by raising awareness among social landlords of their commercial and social value.
  • Mobilising potential suppliers of Energiesprong solutions to invest in the concept and develop competitive solutions, learning from best practice in other manufacturing sectors.
  • The transformation of the refurbishment market through industry-led innovation.

Supply chain workshop - Tuesday, 23 February, 2016

REMI organised a workshop in Coventry when delegates met to look at the nature and scale of the supply chain opportunities offered by Energiesprong.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Introduce the nature and scale of the opportunity provided by Energiesprong.
  • Provide a forum for companies to come together to think about innovative products, systems and services for the UK market.
  • Enable housing providers who are keen to adopt Energiesprong solutions to explain what they’re looking for from the new sector.
  • Provide help from business support and funding agencies to explain how they can support collaborative and company-specific innovation.

The workshop was attended by delegates operating in building services, the building refurbishment process, delivery (logistics, surveying, transport, installation and finishing), and building operation (energy monitoring and feedback, ongoing maintenance and support) as well as customer representatives.

Presentations from the workshop:

REMI project outputs

A selection of the main project outputs related to the ongoing activities within each Work Package (WP):

WP1 – Market Review and Opportunities Analysis

WP2 – Financial Mechanisms

​WP3 - Delivery approach development and technical approach

WP4 – Operational Frameworks

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