HECA Strategy & Reporting

HECA Strategy & Reporting

Our Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) strategy and reporting service can support your council produce a HECA report. The service is based on four stages and you can select any, or all, depending on the level of assistance you require.

"Local authorities are uniquely placed to assess the needs of their areas and local residents and to act as catalysts for change. The Act recognises local authorities' ability to use their position to improve the energy efficiency of all residential accommodation (such as owner-occupied, privately rented and social housing) in their areas."

Excerpt from the Guidance to English Energy Conservation Authorities issued pursuant to the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995.

Benefits of our Home Energy Conservation Act strategy and reporting services to your council:

  • Expert input into your HECA report.
  • Help with building a local consensus.
  • Modular service to suit your individual requirements.

1. Data analysis. We will obtain, analyse and interpret data relating to buildings, insulation, energy consumption and socio-economic factors. Based on our analysis, we will produce an interpretive report which will also include GIS maps. This can be used to inform an area-based approach to home energy conservation, target affordable warmth measures and identify funding opportunities.

2. Policy review. Desktop research and gap analysis of existing strategies and policies from the council and its key partners. Information on on-going initiatives will be considered at this stage.

3. Workshop. We will facilitate a strategy workshop involving key personnel from the council and stakeholder organisations.

4. Strategy Preparation. Combining the outputs from stages 1 to 3, a draft strategy and action plan will be produced, which will meet HECA requirements and serve as a fuel poverty and energy conservation strategy.

Download our HECA strategy and reporting services summary here.