IRMA & RHI Support

IRMA & RHI Support

Our staff are fully qualified to produce Independent Reports on Metering Arrangements (IRMA) and offer support in preparing non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) applications to Ofgem. We are unbiased and impartial; can demonstrate the necessary experience and expertise; have the relevant background; and are covered by appropriate professional indemnity insurance.

Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA) support

What is IRMA?

An Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA) is used to confirm to Ofgem that an installation seeking accreditation to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has metering arrangements in place which meet the eligibility requirements and is in accordance with its regulations.

When is an IRMA report required?

An IRMA report is required when an installation can be classified as falling into one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Has a capacity of ≥1MWth.
  • Is classified as a 'multiple' metering arrangement classification installation (for RHI metering purposes).
  • Uses steam as the heat transfer medium.

An IRMA report will also be required in any the following scenarios:

  • Where additional capacity takes an accredited installation’s capacity over 1MWth.
  • Where additional RHI capacity takes an accredited installation’s capacity over 45kWth and the installation is considered to have a ‘multiple’ metering arrangement for RHI payment purposes.
  • Where a change is made to the installation/heating system that results in an RHI accredited installation moving from a ‘standard’ to ‘multiple’ metering arrangement classification for RHI purposes.

How can we help you with IRMA and why choose us?

IRMA reports have to be completed by a competent person, who:

  • Can demonstrable experience and expertise in flow measurement and heat/steam measurement systems demonstrated by training and development records and have the ability to sign the declaration at the end of the report. We have in-house staff qualified to undertake IRMA assessments and significant experience of delivering successfully approved IRMAs under the RHI.
  • Has a relevant background (for example, in utilities, building services, heating system design, heating system operation and maintenance). The Foundation has been operating for over 25 years, with a wealth of experience in both renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Has cover by professional indemnity insurance of at least £1m (either through an employer or directly). The Foundation currently holds professional indemnity insurance to a value of £5m.
  • Is unbiased and impartial. As a self-funded charity we pride ourselves on being free to operate with impartiality and freedom from commercial interests.

Our IRMA reports service includes:

  • Verification and confirmation by site visit that the physical installation has been correctly detailed for the RHI application.
  • Verification and confirmation that the schematic diagram is an accurate representation of the physical installation and the heating system of which it forms part.
  • Verification and confirmation that appropriate MID Class 2 compliant heat meters have been specified and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Verification and completion of heat loss calculations for both properly and non-properly insulated inter-connecting heat transfer medium pipework.
  • Completion of the IRMA report itself.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) application support

We recognise that an RHI application can take time, time that might be better spent elsewhere. We also understand that RHI applications can seem overly complex dependent on the complexity of the installation, the type of technology utilised (including heat pumps, anaerobic digestions and biomass) and your experience. Furthermore, we know that an incomplete or incorrect application can significantly delay the time between the application and successfully receiving payment.

We have significant experience of the RHI application process, and can help you through all its stages to:

  • Manage the RHI application process on your behalf (or simply support you with your own application).
  • Provide a detailed and comprehensive checklist of what documentation is required to ensure a successful RHI application.
  • Collecting and collating all of the necessary information and data required on your behalf for a successful RHI application.
  • Write sections of the application.
  • Liaise with Ofgem both before and after the application has been submitted to ensure that the application is error-free and complete.

What people say about this service

The National Energy Foundation helped two of our customers, Jerry Green Dog Rescue and Westwood Farm, by completing an Independent Report on Metering Arrangements assessment as part of their RHI applications. NEF staff visited both sites with me and completed the assessment on time and within budget. Both customers are now in receipt of their RHI payments. Ambervale has no hesitation in recommending the National Energy Foundation and I can’t thank them enough.

David Spencer, Sales Director, Ambervale Heating Ltd

Four Housing

We successfully partnered with the National Energy Foundation to provide our Independent Reports on Metering Arrangements and heat loss calculations, essential for us to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive. The Foundation also helps us with RHI application support; saving us time, effort and cost.

Lois Griffin, Project Development Manager, Future Biogas

Four Housing