SuperHomes are existing homes refurbished by their owners for greater comfort, lower bills and far fewer carbon emissions – at least 60% less! This makes them some of the UK homes most improved for energy use. The owners volunteer their time to host free national open days which inspire visitors to improve their own homes by learning more about the benefits and challenges involved.

SuperHomes – inspiring homeowners to green their homes, helping partners meet carbon reduction goals

Each SuperHome highlights the home improvements most likely to produce guaranteed carbon savings. For this reason, SuperHomes can help partners demonstrate that lower carbon living is both possible and desirable.

Our pioneers regularly support a range of activities likely to give visiting householders greater confidence to take action themselves. These include:

  • SuperHome open days
  • SuperHome tours
  • Videos on home improvements
  • Interviews, speakers, presenters
  • Support for local energy initiatives

These are services that can often be tailored to support our partners' goals. In particular, the SuperHomes website offers significant opportunities to alert tens of thousands of visitors to the most relevant refurbishment products, grants and services available to them.

SuperHomes – from inspiration to action

To fully develop the next phase of this exciting project we aim to attract sponsorship, grant support and other work which will enable us to make the most of the knowledge and talents across the network. Our track record and current capabilities mean that we can offer a range of services to prospective partners. Joining us on this expansionary journey promises growing returns for every partner, especially those who can make a longer term commitment.

We are keen to see even more visitors of SuperHomes move from inspiration to action. If you would like to see the same and would like to talk to us about how SuperHomes can help, please get in touch.

SuperHomes – a trusted source

SuperHome owners can talk about the challenges and benefits of eco-refurbishment from personal experience. For this reason, they are a trusted source of information and encouragement.

Visitors leave our SuperHome events and website inspired, better informed and intent on action:

  • 3 in 5 visitors say it's very likely they will improve the energy efficiency of their home
  • 86% say it’s very likely or likely they’ll investigate a product recommended by a SuperHomer
  • Visitors plan to spend on average £5,770 on energy-saving measures over the next 12 months
  • 9 out of 10 readers say our web pages have inspired them to do more in their own home

For further evidence of this, please see the highlights of the 2014 SuperHomes Research Report and this article by Andrew Warren, Chairman of the Federation of Open Home Networks, which draws on wider research.

SuperHomes - a growing sucess story

In addition to hosting annual open days, SuperHomes is scaling up, winning awards and attracting impressive website traffic.

  • 200+ exemplar Superhomes
  • Five national awards won
  • Over 70,000 visitors to open day events since 2007
  • 500,000 page views in 12 months on our website
  • 125,000 video views for 50 videos
  • Top insulation content attracting 20,000 views/month
  • Average time spent on our top five articles is over six minutes!

We are seeking partners that would like to be a significant part of this success story and could benefit from greater visibility in front of our growing visitor base.

SuperHomes – benefits of working with us

95% of SuperHome owners rate the comfort of their homes as Good or Excellent after retrofit, compared with just 8% before retrofit. So, who better to relay the benefits involved?

Grant givers, government and local authorities

By making these exemplar homes accessible to the public SuperHomes aims to help homeowners and local authorities get hands-on knowledge and ideas to transform their own housing. In the last few years we have provided numerous tailored packages to organisations promoting energy efficiency measures to residents:

  • In 2014/15, SuperHomers hosted tours with a particular focus on solid wall insulation, helping North London local authorities promoting solid wall insulation grants.
  • In early 2013, SuperHomers stepped forward for press interviews, helping DECC bring refurbishment into the media spotlight at the launch of the Green Deal.

SuperHomers often support more localised open homes groups. We have the potential to give other green open home groups a heightened online presence, providing easy online booking and feedback for visitors. The existing features and relative popularity of the SuperHomes website make this possible.

Become a sponsor

With over half a million annual page views of our website, not to mention the high impact of our open days, sponsors have the opportunity to become highly visible to people researching their eco-refurbishment options. SuperHomes can put a sponsor’s brand in an environment where nearly every participant has an active interest in improving the energy efficiency of their own home. Benefits include:

  • Positive brand and product exposure linked to a trusted inspirational source
  • Opportunity to generate customer leads through sponsor links/free-quote tick box options
  • Networking opportunities and profile raising through events, case studies & media coverage

This sponsored video on LEDs is a good example of the quality of the work that can be achieved. SuperHomes videos and articles can take full advantage of the range of experience, skills, locations and retrofit technologies available through the network. They also act as a magnet for the type of homeowners sponsors want to reach at a point in their customer journey when key purchase decisions are still to be made.

We offer a range of sponsorship packages for most budgets. These are available on request.

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Sustainable Energy Academy - SuperHomes

In 2007, John Doggart, Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Academy, approached the Foundation to provide secretariat services for the charity. Having very similar aims, we were delighted to assist. We provided full management services and developed the SEA initiative that later became the multi-award-winning SuperHomes project.