Communities and Climate Action Alliance

Communities and Climate Action Alliance

The Communities and Climate Action Alliance is an informal grouping of representatives from networks that support grass roots action.

The Communities and Climate Action Alliance came together in 2010 – a network of networks.

All the networks had been having talks with government departments in Westminster including DECC, Defra and DCLG. It became clear that both talk and action could be better supported if the networks worked together on shared agendas in order to help the Government and other stakeholders respond more quickly and at appropriate scale.

Communities and Climate Action Alliance members share the belief that communities have a unique and critical role in helping the UK meet its national carbon reduction targets, but that the role of communities is currently poorly understood. The Communities and Climate Action Alliance argues that national and local policy makers risk making policy decisions that are not as effective in the long term as they could be, because communities and community carbon reduction delivery models – such as social enterprise – are not an effective part of the strategic discussion.

Since its inception, the Communities and Climate Action Alliance has been working with DECC to promote and enable community engagement in energy. The network provided members who formed a Communities Board, which helped manage both the DECC Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) and the Renewable Heat Payment Phase 2: Communities Scheme (RHPP2).

The Foundation provides the registered Secretary of the Communities and Climate Action Alliance, and has also provided staff to assist with both the above schemes and support to DECC via the Communities Board.

More information is available on the Communities and Climate Action Alliance website.