Grant Management

Grant Management

We provide a fully auditable service for designing, administrating and distributing local authority energy efficiency grant funding.

Benefits of our grant management services to your local authority:

  • Relieves your authority of an administrative burden.
  • Provides an efficient service to householders.
  • Our customer contact centre support helps to ensure very high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Detailed reporting.

Clients who have used our grant management services include:

  • Milton Keynes Council - Carbon Offset Fund - £95 fixed cost per measure deal for cavity wall and loft insulation, and the administration of the Milton Keynes Boiler Cashback Scheme .
  • Oxfordshire councils - Oxon Special - £99 per measure deal for cavity wall and loft insulation.
  • Watford Borough Council - £99 fixed cost per measure deal for cavity wall and loft insulation.
  • Cherwell District Council - 'CHEEP' private landlords' scheme - grants towards a range of energy saving measures including: insulation, boiler replacement and heating control improvements.

Area-based approach

Our Grant Administration Services can be combined with our marketing, customer contact centre and canvassing resources to create a highly effective area-based approach, an example of which was with Milton Keynes Council Carbon Offset Fund.

What people say about this service

The Affordable Warmth Network provides a valuable service, enabling vulnerable residents to access funding for essential improvements to ensure they remain warm and well at home.

Stacie Brown, , Wycombe District Council

Four Housing

Boundary Way was a complex project as it involved private and social housing customers and a number of different funding agencies. The project team worked hard to ensure that as many customers as possible could benefit from external wall insulation. The result both enhances the look of the homes as well as achieving environmental benefits and financial savings for customers.

Jo Barrett, Operations Director, Thrive Homes

Four Housing

NEF staff worked hard to coordinate the Boundary Way project over a large and diverse area, liaising between the householder, the contractor, the partners and DECC as the key funder. They helped to ensure the project met its objectives - despite various challenges - including changes to Green Deal funding.

Katherine Frost, Sustainable Projects Officer, Three Rivers District Council

Four Housing

Related case studies

Grant Management

Future Wolverton - community energy efficiency outreach programme

This was a DECC-funded project to investigate community marketing of the Green Deal and energy efficiency schemes. Control and treatment area were used to assess if the involvement of a community group would increase uptake of the Green Deal or other energy efficiency measures.
Grant Management

Institute for Sustainability - RE:Start Local renewable energy/low-carbon business development

RE:Start Local specifically supported SMEs to gear up and secure more of the emerging renewable energy/low-carbon business in the South East region.
Grant Management

DECC-funded Green Deal Communities project - Boundary Way, Watford

Boundary Way is an estate which lies across the boundary of Watford Borough Council and Three Rivers District Council. Using Green Deal Communities funding and contributions from householders, the two councils concerned and Thrive Homes, we managed the payment of grants for the external wall insulation of 154 homes.
Grant Management

Milton Keynes Council/DECC - Pioneer Places project

Our clients were Milton Keynes Council and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. We helped Milton Keynes Council win £310,000 of funding from DECC’s Pioneer Places programme, the aim of which was to boost the uptake of the Green Deal amongst domestic and non-domestic property owners.