Housing Stock Energy Strategy

Housing Stock Energy Strategy

Drawing on our expertise in asset data and data analysis models, we provide the tools and processes that enable you to gain a holistic understanding of the quality and completeness of the data you hold, the overall performance of your assets and how they can be optimised.

An integrated approach to asset management for registered providers

“With the combination of regulatory requirements, operational challenges and the financial climate, the imperative for all social landlords to take a more ‘intelligent’ approach to asset management has never been greater.”  Chartered Institute of Housing

With uncertainty surrounding energy policy, the limited availability of external funding and the increasing pressures on social landlords to make best use of assets and deliver greater value, the challenge often starts with knoweldge gaps in assett profiles.

We offer support to help social landlords review and significantly improve the quality and completeness of their housing stock data, and help them to not only understand their stock energy performance, but also how robust data can unlock wider asset and neighbourhood performance.

Our three-stage process is designed to support registered providers in gaining a complete understanding of the performance of their assets, their risk exposure and, as a result, make better informed investment decisions.

  • Step 1: Data Health Check.
  • Step 2: Performance Assessment.
  • Step 3: Options Appraisal.

This process ensures a clearly defined method for developing knowledge surrounding your asset base. Each of the three steps has value in itself, with deliverable outcomes. If applied as a combined strategy, however, they provide a holistic view across your total housing portfolio, ultimately enabling more effective and efficient investment decision-making.

Find out more about our integrated approach to asset management for registered providers.

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Housing Stock Energy Strategy

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