Low-carbon Toolkit - Community Groups

Low-carbon Toolkit - Community Groups

Global climate change is a real and serious threat. We've put together a set of resources to help community action groups and individuals reduce their carbon footprint by leading a more sustainable lifestyle, and to encourage others to take action too.

A grant award from the Department of Energy & Climate Change in March 2015 enabled us to compile this toolkit, for which we drew upon extensive expertise, from both within the Foundation and externally.

Our toolkit is designed to provide a broad overview of domestic energy use, energy efficiency and also sustainable transport and renewable energy. It will help you understand what can sometimes be complex energy-saving measures, enabling you to provide practical advice and solutions.

The toolkit is divided into seven sections (see below) and four appendices. Each section can be used as a standalone source of information but you'll get the best value from the toolkit by cross-referencing from one section to another as many of the subjects are closely linked.


Although the toolkit tends to focus on the essentials, at the end of each section, there are links to websites, videos and other online resources - all providing additional information.

In each section you'll also find activities and handy tips for you to use.

  1. Toolkit - Main document
  2. Toolkit - Activities
  3. Toolkit - Engaging with the community
  4. Toolkit - Health & Safety guide
  5. Toolkit - Top Tips
  6. Toolkit - Individual pledge (home energy)
  7. Toolkit - Pledge capture sheet