Milton Keynes Boiler Cashback Scheme

Milton Keynes Boiler Cashback Scheme

Did you know – if you’re in the Milton Keynes area, you can get £150 cashback for replacing an old, inefficient gas, oil or LPG boiler (rated D or below) with a new, energy-efficient model?

Thank you for expressing interest in the MK boiler cashback scheme, at present we are not taking on any new applications, due to a shortage in funding. If additional funding becomes available we will notify you accordingly.


Milton Keynes Boiler Cashback Scheme - 01908 699990

  • The £150 boiler cashback is available to all homeowners and private landlords who own properties in the Milton Keynes Council area.
  • Your old boiler is eligible whether it’s in a working condition or not.
  • Only installations completed by a Gas Safe registered installer will be eligible.
  • Call us today and we’ll send you an application form within two weeks.
  • A four-month expiry period applies and the date will be given on the application form.

Once you’ve received your application form, you can select your preferred Gas Safe registered installer (or competent person in the case of an oil boiler) to carry out the work. The installer will have to certify that the boiler being removed is D-rated or below, and provide the make, model and serial number of the boiler on the application form. The new A-rated boiler will have to be installed with a full set of controls (if not already fitted).

After your new boiler has been installed, you must send us the completed application form (along with a copy of the installation certificate signed by the installer) to the Milton Keynes Boiler Cashback Scheme at our Milton Keynes address. The date of the installation must be clearly visible on the installation certificate.

We then check the details of your application and, if it’s approved, a BACS payment will be made to you within one month.

This cashback is available in addition to any other grants or discounts you might be entitled to.

Please note: Cashback payments will NOT be made for boilers that have been installed before the application date. Funds are limited and, although there is currently no end-date to the scheme, it is regularly reviewed and changes are occasionally made.

To apply for £150 cashback, please either register your details here or ring 01908 699990.

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