Services to Communities

Services to Communities

We've been working with communities for the past twenty years. We've helped to put in place large-scale renewable energy projects, but have also been involved in the much smaller-scale projects which engage local groups to change their behaviour and reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions.

We're an independent organisation so we're able to give communities wholly unbiased advice and can work with you to achieve your goals.

We are not government-funded and therefore we don't have to work to specific agendas.

We can be led by you in the direction, and at the speed at which you wish to progress.

Sadly we are no longer able to offer pro bono support, but we do promise to let you know how much our service will cost before you make any commitments.

If you're part of a community group and would like us to help you, please complete our Communities Request Form and email it to us (together with any relevant documents, images, etc) at:

You're under no obligation, but we might be able to:

  • Offer you some advice.
  • Provide you with other sources of information or assistance.
  • Help you in other ways to achieve your objectives.

We'll try to contact you within five working days of your initial enquiry.

Related case studies

Services to Communities

E.ON/Milton Keynes Council - Thinking Energy project

We worked in partnership with E.ON and Milton Keynes Council on a smart homes project called Thinking Energy. The project consisted of a series of trials in which residents used technology to control their energy and any resulting behavioural changes were monitored.
Services to Communities

Ace (Academy of Champions for Energy) - European sustainable energy initiative

Ace is funded by the INTERREG IVB NWE programme and is a sustainable energy initiative running in Ireland, England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is based on the idea that if the right information is provided, there will be an increased uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.
Services to Communities

Western Power Distribution - Smart Hooky energy consumption monitoring project

The Smart Hooky project was carried out through a partnership of technical experts - Western Power Distribution (WPD), AND and Renesas - supported by the National Energy Foundation and the Hook Norton Low Carbon Club, a local community group providing support to its residents to help them reduce their carbon footprint and save money.
Services to Communities

Cambridgeshire local authorities - Energy for Good energy efficiency promotion project

Energy for Good was a programme of schemes we ran in partnership with a number of local authorities. All the schemes were designed to help people install renewable technologies in their homes, with some also designed to promote energy efficiency measures.
Services to Communities

crrescendo - European sustainable communities project

The main aim of crrescendo was to bring together four European towns and cities to develop sustainable communities, while combining refurbishment and new built ecohouses with renewables and poly-generation. The project combined rational and renewable energy strategies in both existing and new dwellings to ensure optimal quality of life.
Services to Communities

Milton Keynes Council/DECC - Pioneer Places project

Our clients were Milton Keynes Council and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. We helped Milton Keynes Council win £310,000 of funding from DECC’s Pioneer Places programme, the aim of which was to boost the uptake of the Green Deal amongst domestic and non-domestic property owners.
Services to Communities

Future Wolverton - community energy efficiency outreach programme

This was a DECC-funded project to investigate community marketing of the Green Deal and energy efficiency schemes. Control and treatment area were used to assess if the involvement of a community group would increase uptake of the Green Deal or other energy efficiency measures.