Renewables Expertise and Expert Witness Services

Renewables Expertise and Expert Witness Services

We work with a range of clients including the Police, Trading Standards and others in providing expert witness, technical and financial design reviews and technical dispute resolution and arbitration services; drawing on our particular specialisation within the built environment and renewable energy sectors.

Renewable energy technology has an important role to play in reducing energy demand and making energy more affordable. It is therefore critical that the products supplied into this sector and to consumers perform as promised or they will not be trusted.

We are committed to enhancing the sector through improved standards and benchmarking, and we contribute to this process by providing services to evaluate and verify the performance of renewable energy systems and installations in question.

We are trusted to provide a confidential and independent service based on an unbiased and unrivalled level of in-depth investigative analysis.

Our four-stage approach allows us to work with bodies in effectively exploring and resolving disputes that arise within the sector.

Step 1 - Identification of the issue

We work with the Police, Trading Standards organisations and NHBC in the identification and qualification of potential disputes. Examples include whether technologies are:

  • Appropriate for their required application and environment.
  • Designed to the correct standards.
  • Installed correctly.
  • Operating correctly and efficiently.
  • Subject to any potential mis-selling.

Step 2 - Technical advice and expertise

Our staff are experts in the renewable energy and low and zero-carbon sectors. We provide specific in-depth advice on the use and expected performance of a range of technologies including:

  • Solar PV and solar thermal.
  • Ground and air source heat pumps.
  • Biomass systems.
  • Wind.
  • Hydropower.
  • Biogas/anaerobic digestion heat systems.

Step 3 - Dispute resolution

We provide an unbiased level of in-depth investigative analysis into the operational and financial performance of renewable energy installations in order to determine whether they are meeting the performance initially claimed by the supplier or installer.

Step 4 - Expert witness and court appearances

In the event that a dispute is progressed through legal channels, we will provide written and verbal evidence for use in civil and criminal court cases. Evidence is provided is in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Justice's Civil Procedure Rules CPR 35 and Practice Direction 35 (PD35).

We are also proficient in producing balanced and insightful reports as well as IRMAs (Independent Reports on Metering Arrangements), which are used to confirm to Ofgem that an installation seeking accreditation to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has metering arrangements in place that meet the eligibility requirements and is in accordance with its regulation.

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Renewables Expertise and Expert Witness Services

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