Buckinghamshire County Council - community Energy Champions development

We were asked by Buckinghamshire County Council to develop a team of Energy Champion volunteers to encourage local residents to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

The aims of Buckinghamshire County Council energy champions training:

  • Create a toolkit of resources suitable for volunteers in the community to use to encourage local residents to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Provide training to Energy Champions, including how to run resident engagement events (such as film nights, coffee mornings) and projects (including thermal imaging).
  • Provide ongoing support to Energy Champions and training for specific projects.
  • Be aware of available funding and energy efficiency organisations in Buckinghamshire, and keep the Energy Champions updated.


We provided the following energy champions services:

  • Energy efficiency training for Energy Champions.
  • The facilitation of public workshops with hand-on props to show how easy it is to be more energy efficient.

Key energy champions outcomes and insights:

  • The establishment of an online forum as a central communication point for the Energy Champions.
  • The development of light bulb and insulation libraries as resources for the Energy Champions along with energy monitors, a tooklit and an energy-efficient model house.
  • Increased awareness of fuel poverty and resource efficiency.
  • Increased referrals to income maximisation services and for heating/insulation measures.
  • Additional external funding brought into the area.

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