Cambridgeshire local authorities - Energy for Good energy efficiency promotion project

Energy for Good was a programme of schemes we ran in partnership with a number of local authorities. All the schemes were designed to help people install renewable technologies in their homes, with some also designed to promote energy efficiency measures.

Each Energy for Good area scheme ran for two years and was specifically tailored to the geographical area, the requirements of the local authority and the funding available.

Some schemes were better resourced than others. We were able to provide a large amount of support to Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council as we had additional funding from the Energy Saving Trust to support its Solar Initiative.

Renewable technology advice

Being an independent organisation was particularly important to homeowners, as they knew that they would receive unbiased advice and a genuine appraisal of their homes' potential. We gathered information from all installations and were therefore able to provide useful data to homeowners regarding the potential costs and benefits of any installed measures.

Our service included:

  • Independent advice on both energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.
  • A business hours' phoneline for householders.
  • A tender and ‘vetting’ procedure to create a list of approved installers.
  • A surveying system to enable us to provide suitable advice to each enquirer.
  • Local events to promote energy saving and renewables.
  • Project and financial management.

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Project Management & Development

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Services to Communities

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Community Energy Project Planning

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