E.ON/Milton Keynes Council - Thinking Energy project

We worked in partnership with E.ON and Milton Keynes Council on a smart homes project called Thinking Energy. The project consisted of a series of trials in which residents used technology to control their energy and any resulting behavioural changes were monitored.

The trials involved Milton Keynes residents receiving home energy management systems including Wi-Fi devices. These enabled the participants to operate devices and control their energy performance remotely. The aims of the project were to test the equipment and to monitor how residents responded to the equipment in terms of their behaviour.

The services we provided:

  • Participant recruitment.
  • Resident engagement.
  • Home surveys, forums and occupant interviews.

Key outcomes and insights:

Targeting key residential areas that already had existing energy champions made early stage engagement and wider dissemination a lot more effective. It was a lot easier to engage with more environmentally conscious individuals initially and utilise them as word of mouth promotional/training resources to residents that were not as aware.

When trialling new initiatives, particularly around new technologies, we found it was important to develop a schedule of regular contact with individuals to provide reassurance and training, where appropriate.

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