Expert witness service for an underperforming renewable energy-based domestic heating system

Following a series of complaints made against an MCS-accredited renewable energy installer, the Foundation was commissioned by the solicitors to provide an independent and in-depth expert witness report.

Doubts had been raised concerning a reportedly under-performing vertical borehole ground source heat pump heating and hot water system; to the point where solicitors had been engaged.

The client had advised his solicitor that its operation had unexpectedly significantly increased the owner’s electricity bills. With a view to taking the case to litigation, we were engaged to complete a review of the design, installation and operational performance of the system.

We visited the owner’s property and completed a comprehensive study. A subsequent report was written in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Justice's Civil Procedure Rules CPR 35 and Practice Direction 35 (PD35). Our report summarised the findings and provided an in-depth analysis of the installation. In this case, the full heating system was assessed to determine whether it had been designed and installed to the correct standards. In addition, we completed an analysis of the electrical energy consumption.

It was found that, although the system had been designed to the correct and appropriate standards, there were a number of fundamental design and installation issues that had prevented the system from operating either effectively or efficiently. Additionally, heat to the first floor was inadequate; resulting from the under-floor heating system not being installed correctly.

Our report, which included a comprehensive list of recommendations, was completed and sent to both the solicitor and the client for their consideration.

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