FLASH - renewable energy/low-carbon business development project

The FLASH project supported London businesses that were either already operating in, or intended to enter, the built environment sector. Its aim was to help these businesses seize commercial opportunities arising from the move towards a low-carbon economy, including green building, eco retrofit and renewable technology solutions.

FLASH was a £5m programme part-funded by ERDF. Eight networks were developed to facilitate the effective delivery of the programme to SMEs. These included one network focused on renewable energy, which we were responsible for delivering as part of a consortium.

The target was for between 100 and 140 SMEs in London to be reached and given 12 hours of business support each.

We provided the following services:

  • Sourcing and approaching relevant SME businesses.
  • Development of training materials.
  • Delivery of training to members.
  • ​Promotion of the network and training materials.

Key outcomes and insights:

  • Through the programme, we were able to reach a significant number of London-based businesses and offer low carbon advice.
  • ​The guidance, via workshops and seminars, guest speakers and online guidance tools, was very well received by the SMEs.

More recently, we’ve been involved in a similar project - RE:Start local, through which we provided advice and up-skilling to local SMEs in the Milton Keynes area.

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