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The Green Deal Providers Group (GDPG) was established in the run up to the launch of the Green Deal. A number of leading participants in the housing, energy supply and energy improvement industries realised that there was a need for more structured engagement between the prospective Green Deal provider community, DECC and the Green Deal Finance Company.

Introduction to the Green Deal Providers Group

The Green Deal Providers Group (GDPG) established a series of small work groups, coordinated by a steering group, supported by the National Energy Foundation and linking to a wider Green Deal Providers forum.

Membership of each work group was balanced to ensure that the different Green Deal provider model perspectives were reflected and the knowledge of appropriate specialists was leveraged. Each work group was self-managed with members expected to reflect the broader concerns of Green Deal providers and not simply the views of their own organisations. Each work group was expected to produce a summary paper containing considerations, conclusions and recommendations with regular updates made to the steering group during the course of its work. The scope, approach, conclusions and recommendations from each work group was discussed by the steering group with the ‘end to end’ implications considered. Insights and recommendations were further tested via discussion with the wider Green Deal Providers/Associates Forum. 

The steering group provided governance and also cost scrutiny. No decisions were taken at this time on how the GDPG might evolve and it was not intended to be seen as an ‘association’. Membership of the wider Green Deal Providers/Associates Forum was open to all those who were actively investing in, or supporting, the development of Green Deal and who also sought to play an active role in the development of Green Deal policy and guidance.

As such, and cognizant of the critical need of the Green Deal Providers/Associates Steering Group Working Groups for rapid development of policy detail, it was assumed that members had a high level of Green Deal understanding and were willing and able to contribute. Broadening and deepening the understanding of Green Deal across industry was important but this was not seen as the role of the GDPG as there were other organisations undertaking this. DECC attended workgroup, steering group and the wider forum meetings as observers.

Focus of the Green Deal Providers Group

13 key areas were identified for immediate focus:

  • Market creation
  • Oversight bodies
  • The Green Deal Finance Company
  • ECO
  • Property assessment
  • Social housing
  • Consumer Credit Act
  • SMEs – engagement with Green Deal
  • Green Deal viability
  • SMEs as Green Deal providers
  • Consent and disclosure
  • Local authorities
  • Warranties

For each of these areas, scoping sheets were developed to clearly identify the purpose, process and expected outcomes. 

Organisation of the Green Deal Providers Group

The steering group consisted of the Green Deal providers from the original two groups who contributed to the funding of the project management/administration and had committed to provide appropriately skilled resource to the work groups as required. A balance of perspectives was achieved on the steering group by ensuring these providers represent a broad cross section of Green Deal provider models, supplemented with non-funding members representing local authorities and SMEs.

Steering committee members:

  • Affinity Sutton
  • British Gas
  • Carillion
  • EDF Energy
  • E.ON
  • Gentoo
  • Insta Group
  • Kingfisher/B&Q
  • Local authority - invited
  • Mark Group
  • npower
  • National Energy Foundation
  • SIG
  • SME - invited
  • SSE
  • Travis Perkins
  • Wilmott Dixon
  • Wolseley

Objectives of the Green Deal Providers Group:

  • Stress test the key aspects of the Green Deal policy and develop detail, as it pertains to Green Deal providers, where it is lacking. 
  • Test end-to-end the Green Deal providers'/customer journey and process in terms of implementing policy. 
  • Identify any major issues and barriers and provide recommendations, supported by evidence, to Government to assist its finalising of the Green Deal guidance. 
  • Reflecting on this work, to consider the next steps for the Green Deal Providers Group in support of a successful Green Deal launch and establishment.
  • Through this, to minimize the risks and uncertainties and build confidence within the Green Deal providers' community.

The reports and appendices below provide a clear overview of the work of the Green Deal Providers Group. The findings, opinions and recommendations in these documents were not necessarily those of the whole group, nor are they necessarily the opinions of the organisations represented on each work group. Wherever possible, a majority consensus was achieved, although it should be noted that this was not always accomplished. With an aim to assist DECC to 'help the Green Deal to work better' members of the GDPG reviewed existing documentation, consulted widely and worked through detailed 'real world' examples to analyse procedures and processes to generate considered recommendations for improvements. Many of the work groups were able to delve deeply into the minute detail and, with DECC in attendance, were able to clearly show where amendments or enhancements to processes could be made. It was gratifying to see where these were embraced by DECC.

The GDPG also provided two larger scale workshops for prospective Green Deal providers, to ensure that a wide range of views was considered. These began with a workshop to confirm the briefs for each work group; asking if there were serious issues that weren't being considered and requesting feedback on the process that had been designed. The second workshop provided an opportunity for each work group to report back on findings and garner opinion from those who hadn't been actively involved in the work groups themselves. DECC attended both of these events, with Charles Philips, DECC's Deputy Director, providing the keynote address at the second workshop. 

Whilst these reports provide a snapshot of current findings, they should be considered as working documents and this is by no means the end of the process. Many of the work groups intend to continue to further support the progress of Green Deal, and will endeavour to continue working alongside DECC to ensure the success of this scheme.

Green Deal Providers Group reports:

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