IEA Annex 36 - investigating the effect of quality of installation and maintenance on heat pumps

This literature review formed part of DECC’s contribution to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Heat Pump Implementing Agreement Annex on Quality of Installation & Maintenance of Heat Pumps.

It is widely recognized that residential and commercial heat pump equipment suffers significant performance loss depending on how the components are sized, matched, installed, and subsequently field-maintained.  IEA Annex 36 evaluated how installation/maintenance deficiencies caused heat pumps to perform inefficiently and waste considerable energy.

Services and key activities provided:
We were commissioned by DECC in 2012/2013 to complete a wide-ranging literature review that examined the current standards, requirements, legislation and training within the UK heat pump industry compared to those found internationally, and a thorough review of key field trials and documented problems.

Key outcomes/insights/learnings:
Each section of the literature review provided a critical discussion of the issue in question, delivering both insight and awareness of opposing cases, theories, approaches and experiences across government, businesses, industry and non-governmental organisations.