Innovate UK – ASSEMBLE project: low-cost BEMS product development

On behalf of our SME client, and part-funded by Innovate UK, we successfully supported the development of an innovative energy-saving product. We provided the technical specification and bespoke software, through to business case development and support for taking the product to market.

Prior to our work with the UK-based SME, TerOpta, the company had already developed a prototype lighting control product.

TerOpta wanted to broaden its product range by developing a low-cost building energy management system (BEMS) using its innovative power-line carrier (PLC) technology.

TerOpta approached us to be part of a balanced consortium of various partners, and asked us to:

  • Quantify the market opportunities.
  • Leverage the key market entry points.
  • Develop a low-cost, easy to install, flexible BEMS.
  • Quantify the benefits through field trials.
  • Generate a market for the product and interest in it.

Our services

Using our technical expertise and market knowledge, we provided commercial and technical guidance. On the technical front, we specified system components, architecture and control methods.

We also developed bespoke monitoring and reporting software, and undertook field trials on the lighting at our Milton Keynes building. We then analysed the results to quantify the benefits.

Commercially, we conducted market research; analysed competitors; quantified market opportunities; and identified key market entry points. We also supported client engagement by producing a robust business case and relevant marketing materials.

Significantly, through our market analysis, we helped identify an untapped market, ready for exploitation using the product’s unique selling point of flexibility. The novel BEMS product was successfully designed, manufactured, installed, monitored and the benefits quantified.

Savings achieved through ASSEMBLE

The software was also installed at a temporary Costain office that was part of a smart motorway upgrade project. Here, the energy used by the air conditioning was monitored.

The charts below show the identified savings from the lighting in our buildintg (left) and from the air conditioning in the Costain building (right).


Throughout the project, we were successful in promoting the product in the building supply chain. Since formally finishing ASSEMBLE, we continue to take advantage of any opportunities that arise with a view to improving the product's commerciality and position in the market.

For more information on how we can help your innovation receive funding and gain a foothold in the market, please get in touch with our experts.

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