Leon School and Sports College - renewable energy proposal review

Leon School and Sports College (now Sir Herbert Leon Academy & Leon Leisure Centre) required a comprehensive review of a proposal provided by e.on on a renewable energy system to highlight the risks and benefits around the installation of an onsite biomass energy scheme.

We provided consultancy support on renewable energy, including:

  • A site energy survey to review the current energy efficiency levels, gas boilers and the heating distribution system (including the heating supply and distribution for the swimming pool).
  • An analysis of the site survey findings and the annual energy consumption.
  • Evaluation of the proposed biomass system design, its suitability and the technical feasibility of the biomass system for the site.
  • An assessment of the financial viability of the proposal provided by e.on, including a review of the assumptions used and the potential risks. This included a comparison of the financial viability of the biomass-based heating proposal with two alternative model scenarios: a) business as usual; and b) upgrade of the gas-fired boilers.
  • Key recommendations for consideration.
  • A presentation of our findings and recommendations in the form of a summary report.
  • ​Discussion of the findings and the key risks identified with the school.

We provided a detailed report to the school and concluded that there were three key areas of potential risk that should be considered before reaching a decision. Following a review of the findings, the school arranged a meeting with e.on to discuss the risks:

  • Boiler sizing and running costs.
  • Gas price assumptions.
  • ​Liability in the case of boiler failure.

We attended a meeting with the school and e.on and provided onsite support regarding the conclusions and recommendations of the report. At this meeting, clarification and assurances were made by e.on regarding the identified areas of risk.

Key outcomes and benefits of our renewable energy advice:

  • The independent technical feasibility and financial viability analysis of e.on's proposal allowed the school to be confident in the information that they had been given; and ensured that the potential risks were fully understood and correctly evaluated.
  • The financial viability modelling of the data provided by e.on, together with different scenarios in terms of fuel type, boiler size, and fuel price inflation, enabled the school to visually understand the proposla's potential financial benefits and risks.
  • ​Following our independent review and subsequent clarifications from e.on, the school decided to proceed with the proposed biomass system and heat metering billing arrangement.

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