Milton Keynes Parks Trust - energy efficiency audits

Milton Keynes Parks Trust required energy efficiency audits, an onsite renewable energy feasibility study and a lifecycle cost analysis for three commercial properties in Milton Keynes.

Our energy efficiency audits covered three buildings:

  • Campbell Park Pavilion.
  • Shenley Pavilions.
  • ​Linford Forum.

We conducted an energy audit covering existing building services and fabric and building use and management to identify energy efficiency and carbon emission savings. The work also included a detailed Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCA) for those energy technologies that were deemed appropriate and suitable.  Where the LCA was calculated, this information was presented as a financial ‘Net Present Value’ (NPV). The LCA followed the methodology as defined in part five of the ISO BS 15686:2008 standard on life cycle costing.

The scope of our energy efficiency audit work included:

  • Onsite energy efficiency and renewable survey.
  • Benchmark and energy data analysis.
  • Renewable technology feasibility study.
  • ​Detailed lifecycle cost analysis.

Improvement opportunities

The surveys identified a range of quantified energy efficiency improvement opportunities to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. These included:

  • Correction of utility metering errors (half hour metering).
  • Operational changes to the building management system.
  • Gas boiler control and settings.
  • ​Key staff engagement and training.

Identifying the best investment opportunities

The result of the lifecycle cost analysis helped the organisation identify the best investment options including:

  • A potential photovoltaic array development providing an NPV of £110,000 over the next 25years.
  • ​A potential large, onsite wind turbine with a projected NPV of £370,000 over 25 years.

Our work also identified a number of technologies that were not financially viable (ie those with limited funding opportunities including solar thermal hot water, biomass heating and heat pump heating and cooling).

The risk assessment associated with our analysis ensured that the client had a full view of the technical considerations, potential policy change impacts, future funding opportunities and any impact of fuel price variations.

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