Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority - renewable energy assessment project

In 2015, we worked for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority to update the renewable energy assessment project we carried out in 2008. The updated report required the use of the 2015 Welsh Toolkit for Planners to assess the capacity for renewables.

As a Local Planning Authority, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is required to periodically review and update its Local Development Plan. The regulations also require each new plan to establish an up-to-date evidence base on which to base policies.

The authority's most recent review of its Local Development Plan (2016) started in 2015. It required an update to the evidence base we produced as part of the work we undertook in 2008 on the capacity within the National Park for renewable energy technologies.

Using the Welsh Toolkit for Planners, we produced an update report and provided advice on:

  • Advances in existing renewables technology that had improved efficiency, capacity factors, output, feasibility - therefore impacting on renewable energy targets.
  • Changes to the economic viability of renewable technologies and their likely uptake based on the demographics of the national park.
  • New renewable technologies not covered in the original renewables assessment, and their likely impact in the context of the two points above.

Recommendations and results

Based on the findings of this research, we recommended that there was no requirement for the authority to update the landscape capacity assessments conducted for each technology.

We also provided estimates for likely energy generation from each type of permissible renewable energy technology in the National Park up to 2031, which included calculations that:

  • Renewable electricity generation in the National Park up to 2031 is likely to represent just over 1% of total renewable electricity generation in Wales for the same time period.
  • Renewable heat generation in the National Park up to 2031 is likely to represent about 0.3% of total renewable heat generation in Wales for the same time period.

Client feedback

After we'd completed the work, staff at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority provided feedback on the service we'd provided. They stated that they were fully satisfied and that we'd exceeded their expectations in all of the following areas:

  • Ability to deliver on what was promised.
  • Adherence to timelines and punctuality.
  • Cost management and value for money.
  • Knowledge and competency of the staff involved.
  • Quality and accuracy of any documents produced.
  • Willingness to help and ability to meet and respond to the client's needs.

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