Thames Valley Police - Environment Champions training

We undertook a programme consisting of a series of force-wide, hands-on training sessions at all levels of Thames Valley Police staff, across ten sites covering Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

The aims of the Thames Valley Police training programme were to:

  • Make resource efficiency a fundamental principle of working.
  • Embed carbon management into staff thinking.
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues and the likely effect on different services areas of the organisation.

Feedback gathered from the initial pilot session, delivered to staff at Thames Valley Police HQ in Reading, was enthusiastic and indicated that the session would benefit everyone who received it, with our lead contact writing:

"I feel it only right for me to congratulate you, Dale, on the excellent way you presented the training session. Your presentational skills and in-depth knowledge made the whole event very informative and I felt all attendees were alert, interested and enthusiastically asked questions, which you answered clearly and concisely. I do hope that the success of this pilot session will enable us to roll-out similar sessions. Again, many thanks."

The experience gained at this session, and the feedback received, proved invaluable in shaping and adapting the programme for future sessions, building momentum and creating a ‘buzz’ across the organisation.

The training sessions we provided:

  • Built the knowledge level of Environment Champions.
  • Provided project ideas to implement in order to achieve energy and carbon savings for the organisation.
  • Increased recycling rates and reduced the procurement of stationery - for example, paper.
  • Embedded carbon management and the need to act into the minds of staff.
  • Raised awareness of how environmental issues, particularly climate change, impact on the Force.
  • Enthused and empowered staff to bring about results.
  • Raised awareness of the ‘carbon cost of crime’.

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