Zap Carbon/L&Q housing association - energy efficiency advice

We were employed by Zap Carbon to provide expert energy efficiency advice to L&Q housing association residents, for its EnergySave programme. The aim of the programme was to encourage residents to change their behaviour resulting in reduced energy bills.

Energy efficiency engagement with residents

We engaged residents through phone and email contact facilitated by an online portal, which was accessible by the residents.Residents could opt for one of two levels of support:

  • Online only.
  • ​​Intensive (phone support).

The online only option offered the facility to logon to a dedicated website and input meter readings over a series of weeks. The intensive option involved our staff phoning individuals at scheduled intervals and talking them through the process of reading their meters, whilst at the same time offering general energy saving advice.

Energy efficiency programme

The programme of support ran for several weeks, with each week focussing on a specific behavioural change for the residents to try and adopt – for example, energy use in the kitchen, use of electronics etc.

During the conversations with residents, our staff provided feedback on any changes in energy usage that might have occurred since their last contact.

As the programme of support was carried out over a number of weeks, our staff were able to build up a relationship with individual tenants and they became a trusted source of advice.

Residents were also provided with energy-saving devices such as stand-by plugs and energy-saving bulbs as a way of further engaging with them and encouraging behavioural change.

The programme encouraged a friendly competitive element amongst residents via a number of incentives, such as leader boards for the most energy saved, the number of readings logged and competitions to win prizes.

We provided the following energy efficiency services:

  • Energy efficiency advice.
  • Telephone support.
  • Email support.
  • ​Resident engagement.

Engagement with different demographics

The range of residents contacted and engaged with was incredibly diverse and required different skills to manage. Throughout the programme, our staff gained experience of engaging with residents who needed additional support, such as those who:

  • Might be classed as living in fuel poverty.
  • Had difficulty reading and writing.
  • Didn’t speak English as their first language.
  • ​Had very little awareness of energy efficiency.

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